Bona Zuria, Ethiopia

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Our Bona Zuria, Ethiopia is fruity and aromatic with acidity, perfect for anyone who prefers a smooth cup of coffee. 

This coffee comes from Sidama the region was named after the Sidama people, this region is sometimes referred to as Sidamo in the coffee industry. Because of the altitudes in this region, the coffee here takes longer to grow which allows for a more robust fruity flavor and a vibrant aftertaste. There are thousands of different Ethiopian heirlooms, each a natural descendant of wild coffee, and have continued to evolve on their own in Ethiopia and Sudan. Many villages have their own varieties which have been cultivated to work with the growing conditions of their region making each Heirloom different in complexity and flavor per region. 



Bona Zuria, Sidama, Ethiopia


Ayele Tulu


2100- 2200 masl


74-158/165/ 112/ 110/40


SP Washed Day Lot



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