Why The Name?

Why 12 mile?


The name “12 Mile” represents two places monumental to who I am today. The home I grew up in and the home my wife and I have made here in Niagara. The town of Ilderton where I grew up is bordered by 12 mile road, a gravel road that I used to ride my bike down as a kid. After college I found myself settling in the Niagara Region where 12 mile creek runs through St. Catherine's down to Decew falls where my wife and I had our engagement photos taken.

Both of these homes have had a huge influence on my life and I wanted to make 12 mile coffee something that could bring people together to reflect the way I’ve felt in the communities I’ve experienced in both in Ilderton and here in The Niagara Region. My mission is to bring people together with laughter and positivity while discovering the unique origins the world has to offer.

-Nathan Layng 

Founder of 12 Mile.



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